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Best places to stay in Bhutan

Best places to stay in Bhutan : The unique hospitality of the happiness Kingdom 

Nestled within the Himalayan embrace, Bhutan stands as a distinctive destination that effortlessly harmonizes contemporary conveniences with its rich cultural heritage. Bhutan is a country that encapsulates every tourism enthusiast travel dairies. A country diversely beautiful with places inbound for a perfect tour experience. Your trip planner has been the ultimate tour agency providing exciting tour packages for an authentic Bhutan experience. From vehicle rental for road trips, to hotel booking and various tour packages. In our tour package we provide you with incredible sightseeing and travel experiences but along with that we provide pristine accommodations and best places to stay in Bhutan to enhance your rest with comfortable hospitality. In this blog we will discuss the best places you can visit and stay to enjoy their culture, hospitality, lifestyle and uniqueness. 

Amazing places to tour in Bhutan :-

Bhutan best places to stay are decided according to the environment. Each district and town of Bhutan is surrounded by fascinating ambiences and accommodations that provide premium hospitality that provide our traveler with complete satisfaction . Here are some of the Places you can choose for your ambience with us .

1. Paro Valley:

Paro Valley, renowned for its scenic vistas and cultural opulence, emerges as a premier destination in Bhutan. Within this valley, you shall discover an equilibrium between modern opulence and traditional Bhutanese allure.

  • Uma Paro:-This refined resort extends opulent accommodations with a contemporary demeanor. Its architectural embodiment of Bhutanese traditions, coupled with awe-inspiring panoramas, renders it the quintessential haven for repose following a day of Paro exploration.
  • Zhiwa Ling Heritage:– For a bona fide Bhutanese sojourn, Zhiwa Ling Heritage reigns supreme. This resort artfully marries Bhutanese architectural tradition with modern comforts, providing an immersive glimpse into the local way of life.

2. Thimphu:

As Bhutan’s capital city, Thimphu extends a confluence of urban comforts and the enduring tapestry of Bhutanese culture.

  • Le Meridien Thimphu:- This globally recognized hotel chain endows its guests with contemporary luxuries while tenderly embracing Bhutanese culture. Its strategic city-center location proves advantageous for exploring Thimphu’s myriad attractions.
  • Taj Tashi:– In quest of a lodging that seamlessly weaves opulence and Bhutanese authenticity, Taj Tashi reigns supreme. The exquisite interior embellishments and the geniality of Bhutanese hospitality forge indelible memories.

3. Punakha:

Punakha, celebrated for its resplendent valley and the Punakha Dzong, offers lodging options replete with distinction.

  • Dhensa Boutique Resort:- Nestled amid the verdant embrace of the Punakha valley, Dhensa Boutique Resort bequeaths modern amenities within a serene natural milieu. Here, the traditional hot stone bath experience awaits your indulgence.

4. Bumthang Valley:

For a more secluded and traditional retreat, set your course for the Bumthang Valley.

  • Jakar Village Lodge: -This quaint lodge in Jakar extends cozy lodgings ensconced within an authentically Bhutanese setting. It serves as an exceptional launchpad for exploring the cultural and natural treasures of Bumthang.

5. Gangtey:

Gangtey beckons travelers with its natural splendor and indigenous culture.

  • Dewachen Hotel:- Dewachen Hotel offers snug chambers, accompanied by breathtaking vistas of the Gangtey Valley. The affable and inviting ambiance further amplifies the traditional Bhutanese experience.

There are numerous other hotels ,lodges and homestays where you can stay and have an amazing time. Some of there others are enlisted below 

  1. Amankora, Paro 
  2. Lemon Tree, Thimphu 
  3. Tashi Namgay Grand Resort , Phuentsholing 
  4. Ramada Valley, Thimphu 
  5. Chumney Nature Resort, Chumney\
  6. The Capital Hotel, Thimphu 
  7. Hotel Druk, Thimphu 

If you are planning to have the cultural lifestyle experience then residing on homestay can give you the most authentic lifestyle and culture experience. This is also best for less budget travelers as it is very convenient and pocket friendly.

Thrilling adventures to enjoy with comfortable stay:-

These are some of the most amazing ambiences where you can have the most premium hospitality that marks as an incredible holiday experience. With Your Trip Planner you can enjoy the diversity in tour services. We are available with flexible booking offering every service 24/7 to our travelers.  You can also have amazing experiences and adventures along with the tour packages. Some of these adventures are as follows:

  1. Paragliding along the Haa Valley 
  2. Fishing is multiple districts like Haa, Thimphu, Punakha, Bumthang
  3. Trekking in Paro 
  4. Mountain Biking in Paro and Phobjikha Valley 
  5. Kayaking in Wang Chhu
  6. White Water rafting in Mo Chhu
  7. Rock Climbing in Thimphu 

These are some of the most popular adventures in Bhutan that tourists love to try once in their tour. 

Bhutan’s inimitable synthesis of contemporary comfort and traditional heritage is elegantly epitomized through its diverse array of lodgings. Whether you opt for the luxuries of Paro, the urban allure of Thimphu, the tranquility of Punakha, the cultural immersion of Bumthang, or the scenic beauty of Gangtey, you shall undoubtedly unearth a haven that enables you to relish both the modern and traditional facets of this enchanting realm. Your trip planner tour experience of Bhutan shall unfold as an unforgettable odyssey where past and present blend harmoniously to provide fascinating hospitality for each traveler. So if you are also looking for an unforgettable experience of the Land of Thunder Dragons then book our Bhutan tour package to experience countless adventures, premium hospitality and mind soothing ambiences.