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Car Rental Service in Bhutan

Explore Best Car Rental Service in Bhutan with Rates

Bhutan, the mystical kingdom nestled in the Himalayas, beckons travellers with its breathtaking landscapes, ancient monasteries, and rich cultural heritage. To truly experience the magic of Bhutan, exploring at your own pace is ideal. This is where a reliable car rental service becomes your companion on this unforgettable journey.

Why Choose Car Rental in Bhutan?

Traverse Diverse Landscapes: Bhutan boasts dramatic mountains, serene valleys, and charming towns. A car rental allows you to conquer these varied terrains comfortably, covering more ground and maximising your exploration.

Conquer High Elevations and Rugged Terrain: Bhutan's mountainous terrain can be challenging. A car rental provides the power and convenience to navigate these demanding roads safely and efficiently.

Explore at Your Own Pace: Public transportation can be limited in Bhutan. Renting a car empowers you to create a personalised itinerary, stopping at hidden gems and soaking in the sights at your leisure.

Unmatched Freedom and Flexibility: With a car, you can embark on spontaneous detours, discover off-the-beaten-path locations, and craft a truly unique Bhutanese adventure

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Quoted Transport Rate

Sl No. Vehicle Rate Seating Capacity
1 SUV (Hyundai Creta/Tucson/Santafe/ similar) 3,500.00 3 + 2 Guide & Driver
2 Ertiga/Xylo/Innova 4,500.00 5 + 2 Guide & Driver
3 Hiace Bus 5,000.00 7 + 2 Guide & Driver
4 Hiace High Roof 5,500.00 8 + 2 Guide & Driver
5 4cc Coaster Bus 8,000.00 18 + 2 Guide & Driver
6 6cc Coaster Bus 8,500.00 22 + 2 Guide & Driver
7 Prado 5,000.00 3 + 2 Guide & Driver
8 Bagdogra Airport / NJP Station to Phuentsholing 3,500/- Wagon R / similar 4 + 1 Driver
9 Bagdogra Airport / NJP Station to Phuentsholing 4500/- Innova / Silimar 7 + 1 Driver

Your Trip Planner: Your Gateway to a Perfect Bhutanese Road Trip

At Your Trip Planner, we understand your desire for an extraordinary Bhutan experience. That's why we partner with the most reputable car rental services in Bhutan to ensure a smooth and comfortable journey. We offer a wide range of vehicles to suit your needs, from compact hatchbacks for solo travellers to spacious SUVs for families or groups.

Our car rental partners in Bhutan provide:

● Modern, well-maintained vehicles
● Competitive rates
● Experienced and professional drivers
● 24/7 roadside assistance

Experience Bhutan in All Its Glory

Let Your Trip Planner be your guide to a memorable Bhutan adventure. Explore ancient Dzongs, witness vibrant festivals, and discover the serenity of untouched nature. With a reliable car rental by your side, you can create lasting memories in the Land of Happiness.

Ready to embark on your Bhutanese expedition?

For further information and queries contact us on +91 70766 67573, +91 75859 71503 or you can visit our website at Your Trip Planner today and explore the best car rental options for your dream vacation in Bhutan!